AUD $88.00

Vintage Chinese Buddha Snuff Bottle

We've just bought a delightful collection of Vintage Chinese Snuff Bottles, that were purchased on a number of visits to Hong Kong in the 1960's. (So none will be younger than that and a few will be a bit older...)

This double sided, cast ceramic, flat oval bottle has an embossed, flame haloed Buddha seated on a pink double lotus floating on a white background, which is bordered with scattered small cobalt blue "quatre foil" flowers.

The domed lid is polished green Jade, set with an intact cork to seal the bottle and a token white spoon fitted into the cork. I say token as I assume this piece was made, back then, for the Tourist Market and the spoon would never have known snuff.

However, now it is older and rather lovely, small and inexpensive it makes an appealing Vintage Collectable.
Remember, it's from Hong Kong it was bought may have been made there, or on the mainland .......
but one of them was also labelled "Republic of Taiwan" so your guess is a good as mine.

Age:  Mid 20th Century

Size: H 72 mm x W 43 mm x D 23 mm

Weight:  grams