AUD $148.00

Chrysocolla Peridot Pendant


An organically rectangular-ish, "turquoise and teal green" gently domed Chrysocolla, topped with another domed Chrysocolla semi-circle seperated by  three round Peridots all set in to a hinged plain Sterling Silver Pendant.

Very rich with a "turquoise" body, with a mosaic of darker "teal" green shapes scattered through it.

This greenish subtlety is framed by a fine plain Sterling Silver edge, cleanly outlining and defining the stones.

The broad hinged, convex suspension ring, (7 mm) will take a medium/large chain, cord or choker easily.

No special maintenance required, other than an occasional rub with a Silver Polishing cloth, the stone itself doesn’t need any polishing.

Though remember, Turquoise and Chrysocolla don’t like chemicals or washing, as sometimes it will affect their colour.

Handmade exclusively for us in Bali.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: W 22 mm x H 45 mm

Weight: 16 grams.