AUD $110.00

Indian "Foliage", Engraved Brass Intaglio, Jewellers Stamp

This intriguing little “five sided/ rectangular” metal thing, is an “original” Jeweller’s Brass Stamp, for stamping/embossing the design onto sheet Silver or Gold.
You see the end result, in those lovely Figurative (usually Religious) Indian Pendants, these images then mounted onto the pendant/vehicle.
All those resultant pieces, are in effect, mass produced.
These stamps are the actual, skillfully hand engraved original intaglios, definitely deserving of closer attention.
You could mount and frame them, as tiny “bronzes” or if you make jewellery your self, incorporate them in your work.
This one features a wide border, surrounding a symmetrical acanthuslike “foliage” motif, with probable “Yoni” connotations (?) I find it surprising the simplicity of the intaglio, producing the raised, seemingly more detailed, embossed image.
These are very skillfully handcarved/engraved, into hard Brass, continuing an Ancient Tradition, just look at Ancient Mesopotamian, Bactrian, Roman, Persian etc. Stone Seals!
This one features a Striding Female Archer, possibly Jain.
For the Jeweller, Silversmith or Artisan, here’s an original unit, to use in making repeated embossed images, for use in your own designs (?)

Age: Early/Mid 20 th century.

Size: L 36mm x W 46mm

Weight: 155 grams