AUD $140.00

Persian, Brass Inkwell

An old, probably cast, round brass inkwell, perched on four legs.
Another simple, functional piece (like an old fashioned, nineteenth century brass doorknob, on legs.)
A good, glowing dark patina, many tiny darker marks in or under the patina, it’s obviously old, very old.
(Don’t polish it.)

Although it stands well, one leg is a little bent inwards, where it joins, there’s a dark irregularity, possibly an old repair.
Whatever, it’s stable and not nasty, and has been that way a longtime.

Don’t attempt straightening it, at best it would be unstable. (I’m thinking of spilt ink, I have an inbuilt horror, that splash of black accross a carefully, meticulously drawn surface – you do become more careful!)

Age: Circa 19th Century. (could be earlier.)

Size: W 45 mm x H 53 mm

Weight: 107 grams