AUD $240.00

Afghan, Brass "Winged Gazelle" Seal 19th Century

Circular cast brass seal, with grip and ring for suspension.
The face is engraved with central winged (?) gazelle wearing a collar and surrounded by foliate scrollwork.
Probably worn or carried by a travelling official (circuit judge) able to settle disputes with this imprint.
Engraved surface in excellent condition, the reverse has much wear and many tiny knocks and a superb patina and character.
This seal has been present at many, now forgotten, important moments, deciding them all!
It has a rich deep patina many tiny dents and darker areas, so please don’t polish it!
The engraved surface is very well preserved.
Apart from it’s historic value, though, this seal could also be worn very elegantly, preferably suspended on a soft cord, as a pendant.

Age: 19th century or earlier.

Size: W 50 mm x H 68 mm

Weight: 177 grams