AUD $120.00

Afghan, Double Stone Ink Bottle

Charming carved opaque cream stone twin “ink” bottles attached at base.
Engraved with bands and zig zag patterns, a lot of grubby build up is to be expected, but the lovely glow of the pink stain (like Indian ivory) on one bottle continues round to become a glowing sienna tan.
I don’t know why or how, but it’s lovely.
Two minor chips at one end, are younger than it’s patina, and pretty obscure. I wonder about this piece, where has it been and how old is it?
They’ve been turning stone bowls over there for millennia.
And, how do you actually turn a double bottle, on a bow lathe?
I assume you don’t, so it’s hand carved, not turned.
It’s lovely and has a “netsuke-like” feel about it.
Perhaps, just a little heavier, though.

Age: 19th/Early 20th century.

Size: L 104 mm x W 45 mm x H 73 mm

Weight: 457 grams