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Pakistan, Adjustable Wooden Koran Stand

Sorry, this old bead is no longer available. We may, however, still have other similar ones available.

Carved dark wooden folding, “X” shaped, adjustable Koran holder "rehal".

Will of course appeal to all bibliophiles, as both it’s function and decorative qualities, allow you to display texts open for viewing. One piece of wood sliced into four, with complex, interlocking supports.

The four comblike slides can, with skill, be set in various positions, to alter the height/angle of “X”.
Thereby allowing more comfortable reading.

Folds back into it’s original flat form for storage or transport.
Light decorative carving of floral/sun motifs and punched zig-zag borders.

There’s a lovely rich dark tone to the wood.

No obvious damage (a couple of acceptable, old, minor chips) and one old glued repair.

You can happily use a little plain furniture wax, to feed the wood, then buff with a dry cloth.

A bibliophiles dream come true.

Size: Flat L 30.5 cm (12 ins.) x W 19.5 cm (7.8 ins.) x H 18 cm. (1 ins. thick, folded flat.)

Age: Mid/late 20th century.

Weight: 707 grams