AUD $58.00

Kipling's "Limpopo" Elephant Paper Knife

A delighful Brass paper knife with an elephant’s head with extended trunk, becoming the blade.
Everytime I handle it, I’m reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s
“How the Elephant got it’s trunk” on the banks of the “greasy green Limpopo river.”
We picked them up (we’ve got a few, we may have had them made, there is a old legend…) in India “last century.” (in the 80’s I think.)

They appear to have been copied from a Victorian engraving, and remind me of the black and white ink drawing in Rudyard Kiplings’ “Just so Stories”, from my childhood books.

Nicely sculpted, cast and finished, the brass has a mellow patina, polish it if you want.

You get to think about the crocodile in wait, tugging on the trunk, from inside the envelope, every time you open a letter. (look it up, no here’s mine from the shelves, the elephant pulled and pulled and stretched it’s nose, which the crocodile had hold of…..and it in turn pulled and pulled.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 162mm x W 7mm

Weight: 30 grams