AUD $450.00

Old Chinese, "Shagreen" Spectacle Case

Chinese Spectacle Case, two piece copper and deep green dyed Shagreen (sharks skin) over bamboo.

Classic Oriental “inro” design, with the two sections pulling apart on a burgundy cotton cord,
that can be worn on a sash or in pocket/sleeve.

Cut out copper ornamental/protective scrolls at each end are perfectly attuned to the pattern and colour of the shagreen.

Another lovely piece to handle.

Slight damage due to squashing, on the lid, just a crease, but I’m letting you know.

A recent dyed “bamboo coral” barrel bead has been popped onto the cord before us,
but it’s a nice colour, so it can stay there (enjoy.)

Please note, spectacles are not included with this case.

I also once read that some Chinese scholars wore Rock Crystal spectacles,
only because it made them looked more learned, not to aid vision!

(I recently saw one of these cases in a fleamarket in Rome, which contained the original tortoise shell spectacles,
and they were capable of folding, the arms that is, see last photo.)

Age: Late 19th Century

Size: L 175 mm x W 74 mm x H 24 mm

Weight: 79 grams