AUD $320.00

Tibetan, Lidded Copper Bowl

Very old, hand beaten (and repeatedly knocked, over the years) copper Tibetan bowl,
lidded with brass rims.
Has been used to hold Yak butter. (That distinctive Tibetan smell, still lurks inside.)

Well balanced form and proportions, reminiscent of an Opium Poppy pod, or Lotus pod.

It’s construction, beating and raising the copper sheet, in two pieces, then interlocking the top to bottom is quite delightful.
The metal has acquired a superb patina, that can only come with age.

DO NOT polish it! (it would be criminal!)

For what it is, it’s in good condition, though held to the light some minor leaks are visible, and one small exterior scratch (about 20mm or an inch) could be a repair?

Age: 19th or Early 20th century.

Size: W 146mm x H 105mm

Weight: 521 grams