AUD $130.00

Indian Lidded, Lacquered, Turned Wooden Box

An old hand lathe turned, lidded wooden box, with a glowing “pomegranate” lacquer.
With wedges of incised lines revealing the ochre and yellow base colour.

This is an old piece, not a copy and therefore displays minor nicks and old chips scattered over it’s surface, but mainly on edges.
At the rear bottom a larger crack where the wood has split, has been filled with a red ochre mix.
From the front it’s not visible and would appear to be the wood drying out, which isn’t surprising.

Handle, hinge and clasp are all roughly hand made brass, with a dark patina, the handle is quite sensitively made.

New copies of these are usually garish and older ones are hard to find.

The hole in the centre is from the lathe, not a missing bit.

Beautiful in a group, lovely by itself, but equally useful for storing small things, ie jewellery. (see also LB 102.)

Age: Early/ Mid 20th Century.

Size: W 186mm x H 90mm