AUD $360.00

Large (free standing) Chinese Opium Pipe

This is a self supporting (free standing) silver Chinese Opium Pipe in four pieces, including long pipe and base surrounded by classic Chinese fretwork with “Good Fortune Symbols” incorporated with floral and abstract scrollwork. This in turn has a socket holding a cylindrical lidded storage jar, and another a tube or stem for cleaning(?)
There is a detachable cone on a stem for smoking.
This cone is in turn decorated with a row of old tribal glass beads embedded in a resin. It has a very romantic (if a little seedy) feel, conjuring up Shanghai and the time of the Warlords.
These pipes also were traded into Central Asia, (where we found this one) I’ve seen them in old sepia photos, in Uzbekistan.
In good condition, I’ve just noticed one of the spare/cleaning bits may be missing as one socket is empty.
In all there are four pieces out of a possible (?) five.
As you’re not going to use it, I suppose it’s academic anyway, and I’ve only just noticed it, after many months.

Age: Early 20th century.

Size: W 100 mm x H 348 mm

Weight: 370 grams