AUD $220.00

Chinese Snuff Bottle "moulded" Gourd

Chinese “tobacco snuff” bottle, made from a living Bottle Gourd, intriguingly grown to shape, between two carved wooden or ceramic panels, to accurately mould to the desired form, like wet leather.
Actually it looks like old, polished, embossed leather, too!
It has acquired a very lovely warm, rich chestnut tone.
Missing cap or plug, sometimes they only use a leather plug or tassel, although these may be improvised.
There are all sorts of folklore surrounding the “bottle gourd”, one of the eight auspicious Taoist symbols, used throughout Chinese design.
These very practical gourds, are used in many forms, including instruments, bowls, waterpipes,spoons and ladles.

As more good examples become available, we’ll post them, as I feel there is a perfect affordable collectable, to be had in these Gourd Snuff Bottles.
We had more written up, but they’ve sold before the website got up, (hmmm.)

They are really lovely to handle, light and sculptural, very comforting in the hand.

*Note for collectors, they have that special advantage, “they don’t take up much space!”

Also, so far I haven’t seen any two the same!*

Interesting to read that snuff (like coffee) was originally frowned on for it’s ecstatic qualities.
Pope Urban VIII, threatened to excommunicate Snuff takers, because he felt that induced sneezing was too close to sexual orgasm to be tolerated.
Our “Bless You” following a sneeze is said to be “Plague” related, but also stops the Devil taking us during the moment of death, as the heart skips a beat when we sneeze.

Age: 19 th/Early 20 th century.

Size: L 120 mm x W 64 mm

Weight: 62 grams