AUD $260.00

Persian "Mythical Beast" Belt Buckle

An old, very wearable, rectangular steel belt buckle, with an extraordinary engraved “mythical creature” (could be a sheep, looks somewhere between a llama and a rabbit?), surrounded by swirling plant forms.
The “silvery” iron deign is raised against the dark oxidized recesses.
Has probably been buried due to the corrosion on the reverse. Pitting in the “silvery” surface and residual rust adds warmth contrasting with the detailing, a light oil would improve the patina.
Very wearable, fitting a belt 45mm wide, the hook is 7mm accross, could go on leather or thick fabric. This piece, and the others (see also BB100 & BB101,) I assume have been sitting, forgotten, in an armoury somewhere ?
The darker images are actually more accurate, but I’ve included the others for clarity of detail.

Age: 19th Century (possibly earlier?)

Size: L 88 mm x H 80 mm

Weight: 90 grams