AUD $340.00

Persian/Bukharan Belt Buckle

An old, very wearable, rectangular steel belt buckle, with a raised central plateau and panels of chased gilt scrolling vines and flowers.

The bevelled sides of the centre are not gilt, having been roughly polished revealing the “silvery” metal foliage.
Has probably been buried due to the corrosion on the reverse.
The front has been roughly polished, removing some of the rusty corrosion, residual rust adds warmth contrasting with the detailing, a light oil would improve the patina.

Very wearable, fitting a belt 45mm wide, the hook is 7mm accross, could go on leather or thick fabric. This piece, and the others
(see also BB102 & BB 106)
I assume this may have been sitting, forgotten, in an armoury somewhere?

There are six very similar Uzbek buckles in “The Splendour of Ethnic Jewelry” T&H, page 129, here they refer to gold inlay.
A very gentle polish with a dry silver polishing cloth, might bring this up, but don’t rub it off.
They also state that both Uzbek men and women wore these buckles.


Age: 18th/19th Century (possibly earlier?)

Size: L 102 mm x H 76 mm

Weight: 124 grams