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Persian Powder Horn

An elegant “serious” Gun Powder Horn, solid brass with engraved long stripes and centre belt, ornate knob for perfect grip. Designed possibly to be worn tucked in a belt or sash, or there is a ring for suspension from a sash, which is more practical.
From the age of muskets.
The original working loop of sprung brass across the top is a clever, press open, then quick release “catch” to easily control the flow of the powder when loading. Solid spring for single handed powder pouring,(it’s very firm requiring some pressure to open only a little, thereby restricting flow of powder) and a ring for suspension.
The quicker you can load, the better your chances of survival, read Burnaby’s 1875 “Ride to Khiva”, he tells how the the Russians had much more advanced breech loaders, and an enormous and historic advantage. They could load in about a fifth of the time it took to load a musket.
Disastrous for the Central Asian Khanates, which fell one after another.
And for the peoples, particularly the Turkoman, who were massacred to a child, that’s why the Tekke Turkoman fled and are now found in NE Iran.
A real pleasure to hold in the hand, function and form.
Not sure of it’s exact origin, but by it’s pure form, I’m guessing Turkoman or Persian. Could be both. The brass has a relaxed patina, but is not old enough to be dark, nor as old or as used as the others we have, but therefore in better condition.

We have other examples of powderhorns and a musketball cast if they are still available, just do a search here on our site.

Age: 19th century.

Size: L 215 mm x W 75 mm

Weigh: 408 grams