AUD $300.00

Uzbek Buckle, Brass and Blue Glass

A man’s two part brass buckle with classic floral embossed brass inserts and bordered with a row of ‘turqoise glass’ beads (although 50% of the glass beads are lost, this is still lovely, “showing it’s age.”)
A very, very similiar piece is illustrated in “Uzbekistan” Kalter, (Thames and Hudson.)
Quite knocked around, with a very primitve repair, using aluminium to replace one of the two hooks used to lock it, the two resulting roughly filed aluminium “rivets” are visible at front, but could easily be disguised if worn at the bottom, of buckle.
This in turn exhibits a genuine Tribal, “get it up and running” repair, using available resources. (In Australia we use the term “desperation” to describe rural improvisations in furniture during the Great Depression.)
An impressive piece looking for a belt, and a stomach, to adorn.

Age: 19th century.

Size: L 170mm x H 82mm

Weight: 132 grams