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Ancient Kushan Bronze Coin Earrings.

Sorry, this pair of ancient coin earrings is no longer available. However, we may stll have a similar pair. 

These Sterling Silver earrings have been handmade for us, setting two ancient bronze coins from Afghanistan, from the Kushan Empire. (Circa 125 BC – 357 AD)
Driven out of China by the Hsiung-nu, the Yuehi-chi who became the Kushans invaded from the North overrunning the Bactrian Kingdom, a Greek speaking Kingdom, that had continued after the death of Alexander the Great.
The Kushans adopted the Bactrian Greek text and are known for their Hellenistic influenced statuary and imagery as seen in Ghandaran Buddhism. (Remember the Bamian Buddhas.) Entering India they conquered as far as Varanasi.

These two short silver earrings have a pair of similar bronze coins, which actually have different images, one is a mounted horseman the other is script (which leads me to think that they may have set one the wrong way round (?) or that they are different coins, either way slightly odd earrings are much more interesting than plain pairs.)

Remember even when two coins have been struck from the same die, they vary.
This is because to produce a coin in ancient times a slug of red hot metal was struck between two engraved bronze dies.
The hot slug then squished out of shape between them, taking the detail onto its surface, deforming horizontally in the process.

Perfectly duplicating, matching designs and shapes indicate casting from a single original, (ie reproductions) which is not the case with these coins.

We’ve deliberately left the backs open on these earrings to allow you to view the reverse of the coin for verification.
They have a medium patina and some coppery verdigris, both indicating their age, don’t carelessly polish it off. You can give the coin, but not the silver, a light rub with a hint of olive oil to seal the patina, slowing oxidation and reducing the verdigris, if it is distracing you.

By the way, over the years I've noticed how some people (through bad technique) have killed earrings like this. It's very simple to avoid , simply hold the earring by the wire above the coin when putting on and doing up. Never hold onto the coin to do it, as the energy runs up the wire and hits the solid (coin) creating a weak spot. Continually doing this to the weak spot will always break it. So easy not to kill them.

There may also be some of these earrings listed in our Modern Jewellery section, as the Sterling Silver settings are modern.

Age: Circa 125 BC – 357 AD.

Size: W 15 mm x H 31 mm, including hook.

Weight: 8 grams.