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Zoisite Ruby and Onyx Necklace.

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This solid looking necklace combines large matte Black Onyx and faceted Zoisite Ruby beads, each seperated by faceted black crystal beads and ending at the back with a rich deep red crystal, handmade sterling silver spacer beads and round bolt ring.

This  Zoiste Ruby is rather like Jade in appearance with its green tones flecked with black, but it's the rich pink Ruby inclusions that set it apart (On really close inspection, like in a blown up photo, you may see tiny scratches or flaws on the surface, these are internal flaws that have been revealed through the hand cutting. They're totally in character with the stone and probably not visible to the naked eye in normal wear.)

It is Zoisite with Ruby inclusions and they're pretty big beads of it, not top quality at this price but continually commented on for their  colour and appeal (not its value alone.) 

I've used durable multi stranded Tiger Tail to thread them, which is the strongest we can get, however DON'T stretch or scrunch it as you can irreparably kink it if you do.

The sterling silver beads are young and still shiny, however when they do start to oxidize they will respond well to a gentle polishing (of each bead whilst holding the stones on either side firmly) with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but don't bend or stretch it by rubbing too hard.

Although it appears heavy, as it sits high on the collar bone it doesn't pull down or drag like a longer neck might.


Age: Contemporary

Size: L 438 mm x W 13 mm. (Largest bead L 13 mm.)

Weight: 90 grams.