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Bactrian Quartz Crystal Neck.


Here's a necklace of Ancient Bactrian Quartz Crystal beads, (from Bactria in what is now Iran/Afghanistan) a mix of different cuts and shapes including  cushions, "diamond shaped"  and various "barrels"  even faceted.

The frosting of tiny scratches and pitting of these quite hard clear Quartz beads are not a fault, more the accumulated marks of age and character.

The fob is a handmade Sterling Silver older style one from Indonesia, with a simple antique detailing. This fob is complemented by two flatttened  embossed discs from the borders of Burma..

I've threaded these subtle beads on extra durable double tiger tail (stainless steel threading wire) which is very strong, but kinks if you fold or scrunch it.


And being Sterling Silver you may eventually want to polish it. When you do, gently use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" holding the bead you want to polish.

Age: Quartz, circa 200 BC.

Size: L 550 mm x W 15 mm.

Weight: 159 grams