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Berber Enamelled Coral Earrings

 Sorry these earrings are no longer available.
A pair of Berber enamelled silver and pale "Angel's blush" pink* red coral earrings from the Greater Kabyle region of Algeria.  Basically a triangular enamelled shape invoking a traditional "fibular" normally worn to attach clothing on the chest.  
The yellow and green enamelling with highlights of rich deep blue,  which is characteristic of Northern Algerian work of the Beni Yenni Berbers from Greater Kabylia, creates a busy background to contrast with the warmth of the pinkish tone of the genuine red coral domes.


As with our matching necklace, actual fibulas similar to these earrings appear in  "Ethnic Jewellery" (The Rene van der Star Collection, pages 21/22.)

*The Genuine Red Coral in this case is a paler salmon pink that looks deeper than it is in the photos. They are a good match overall for the necklace AN110 but the coral is paler.



 Age: Early 21st Century

Size: H 82 mm x W 45 mm

Weight: 24 grams