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Berber Enamelled Hamsa Necklace

Sorry, but this charming necklace is on it's way to a better home.
A Berber necklace of enamelled silver and coloured glass from the Anti Atlas in Western Morocco.  Comprising five "foliate" engraved plain silver "Hand of Fatimas" (aka Hamsas) in three sizes, which have central green and yellow enamelled medallions, these are set with central flat dark "amber glass" discs ( I assume also worn for protection against the "evil eye") The three larger hands have independent old silver coins attached with rings, these in turn set with round flat dark  "green glass", swinging from them. The two smaller are fixed. (see photos)
These "hands" are joined with links to older yellow and green enamelled plaques, set with flat very deep "blue glass" discs.  These plaques are missing some of their enamel and therefore I presume recycled from an earlier piece, though the glass inserts seem unscratched.. Note too, the small red enamelled highlights.

This green and yellow enamelling, which is characteristic Berber work from Western Morocco, creates a relaxed background to contrast with the very deep coloured glasses.(which maybe foil backed, but not obviously.)

Around the side and back of the neck are large open links of chain suspending the "hands" and allowing a choice of lengths when hooking into the chain. 


 Age: Late 20th or early 21st Century

Size: L 520 mm x Depth Big Hand 140 mm, med 110 mm, small 75 mm 

Weight: 202 grams