AUD $144.00

Indian, Enamelled Silver Earrings

 A luxuriant pair of intensely blue enamelled, silver earrings from India (I'm assuming they're Indian, they may be from Multan in Pakistan, however the enamel is more brilliantly translucent than their usual opaque blue. Anyway it depends on their age as to which country we call it.) Inside this arched shape are silver rather Mughal flowers in a pot floating raised above the deep blue field. One has lost some enamel and reveals bare textured silver, adding to their charm. With older pieces showing some signs of their history, you wear the imperfections away from your face and no one sees them except those who appreciate them enough to look closely.  

I'll clarify and call them earhooks as the hook is fixed.     

Beneath these "paradise gardens" are three wire drops with faded old red coral (now a dull terracotta) and small hollow, ribbed, double sided silver points.   

The coloured enamelled body measures 37 mm wide x 22 m (excluding the hook and the dangley coral drops.)
The ear hook is not a challenge being quiet a normal thickness. (of course you won't go bending them unnecessarily will you, it'll end in tears.)

I wouldn't polish this piece as silver only improves with age, however, when you decide to do it a careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" (always avoiding pearls of course) will bring up the details without removing the darker background oxides. Avoid liquid cleaners.

Age: Mid/Late last century.

Size: Length  82 mm x W  37 mm.

Weight: 19 grams