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Pashtun, Beaded Tassels

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A finely beaded Pashtun multi tassel.

Both decorative (to us) and protective (to its maker) made to ward off the Evil Eye, note those opaque very old handmade and oddly sized and coloured soft "Evil Eye blue" beads.

We carry a range of these beaded tassels in our shop, but are including a few of the best here on our website.

We simply hang them on a pin or nail for their visual appeal, but some have used them as blind pulls and chest key decor, however Belly Dancers happily put them to a more active use attached to their outfits and bags.

This pair features such an restrained mix of tiny translucent and opaque glass beads, basically rich blue, black, white, red and orange with attached "silver" metallic binding.

Probably Pashtun and from either Pakistan or Afghanistan, these were collected near the Khyber Pass, some years ago.

Age: Late 20th Century (some of the recycled beads may be much older.)

Size: H 145 mm x W 75 mm

Weight: 60 grams