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Ancient Islamic Bone "gaming piece"



A round, sort of bulgingly conical, carved agate “gaming piece”, dating from the Islamic Period ( Circa AD - AD) and consequently from what was then Persia.

The  shape is well worked to allow the finger and thumb an easy  grip for playing. The stone has been specifically chosen for its gentle colour and pattern, there being a very fine, softly milky grain within a semi translucent field, rather like "lace agate" and may have travelled along way from its place of manufacture. I suspect this trading distance and the relative rarity of the finished item far from its homeland would mean it was a prestige item displaying both its owners wealth and status.

The “stone has recieved many tiny knocks and hits over its history and thus has many tiny pits across its surface.

In quite good condition, including some old pits that were on the original stone before it was ground down. These retain traces of the soil in which it was buried.

I’ve seen these discussed on Chess sites, however I only know it’s a Gaming Piece, at this point, it probably wasn't used for Chess (as we know it at least.).

Age: Circa 10th Century A.D.

Size: W 21mm x H 21mm

Weight: 15 grams