AUD $280.00

Peacock Earrings, Nielloed Silver

 Here's a charming pair of "nielloed" silver Peacock earrings from the Caucasus, on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. The smooth silver faces have been carved into creating a sinuous foliage design, then filled in with what looks like a black inlay called "niello" that creates the contrast emphasizing the design.

This pair are not genuine "niello" (which is a black infill of a recessed groove in the silver), but a very good imitation where the shiny background is masked then the design is exposed to an oxidizing process. These earrings are is in good condition, which probably means they aren't too old,  whereas true old genuine niello work often loses some of its inlay with knocks over the years.

From the tail small dangles with real Pearls and old faded orange Red Coral imply tail feathers.

They are a good pair of "opposing" Peacocks, both facing and framing you face..

I used to think these were from Bukhara, and they may be, but "nielloed" designs like these have probably travelled further around the Caspian from Daghestan, or or even India using the same techniques, then made their way across to Afghanistan all the way to us. 

It has a good gentle contrast and shouldn't need a polish for ages, but if you decide to then carefully use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" on it, just to bring up the silver not rub off the black (!).

Age: Late 20th/ Early 21st Century.

Size: H 125 mm x W 33 mm 

Weight: 35 grams.