AUD $130.00

Ethiopian Wedding Ring

A chunky old, very worn, well smoothed, thick round white metal alloy "Wedding Ring" from Ethiopia, with incised "noughts and crosses" motifs.

I believe these are actually worn on a cord around the neck, and think it would make a wonderfully organic "modern industrial" pendant worn in our context.
The metal is low in silver and probably pretty high in brass and possibly will never need polishing if its present patina is any indication. I really like the touch of gold in each of the small round "dots" or holes set into the overall "silver" surface.

We were able to get three of these, each different, and what remains of its original deeply incised form gives each a unique choose carefully.


Age: Early/Mid 20th Century

Size: Diam 30 mm x Depth 7 mm (Hole approx 13 mm diam.)

Weight: 39 grams ok