AUD $160.00

Pashtun Gilt Silver and Onyx Necklace.

Sorry, this necklace is no longer available. But I could possibly be able to make up a similar one for you.

This elegant necklace is made up with a Tribal pendant but because of the Black Onyx beads would work just as well as day wear, an evening out or worn to work.

Combining an ornate rectangular silver Pashtun Pendant from Pakistan, with a cluster of small spherical silver bells across its base, which frames a "floral" embossed, lightly gilded silver panel. This pendant is threaded onto the middle of a necklace of plain shiny 5 mm Black Onyx beads, ending with a Karen Silver tube and a Sterling Silver Fob.

We've used durable multi stranded Tiger Tail to thread them, which is the strongest we can get, however DON'T stretch or scrunch it as you can irreparably kink it if you do.

The sterling silver beads have some oxidation already, however when they need it they will respond well to a gentle polishing (of each bead whilst holding the stones on either side firmly) with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but don't bend or stretch it by rubbing too hard.

(If you're careful you can give the silver a lift but try not to rub the brass and you'll encourage the rich contrast as it develops a darker patina. )

You'll also notice in the photos that there are two minor dents on the gilt surface, these are where it has received knocks along the way and seem rather to me to add to its charm, rather than detract from it.

Oh, and of course being a mix of "gold and silver" in one neck you can wear it with either as they'll both match ie rings etc. but the gilding is quite subtle and can easily be worn by someone who "only wears silver" !


Age: Contemporary using Late 20th Century pendant.

Size: L 436 mm x W 53 mm. (Pendant including bells H 53 mm x W 52 mm.)

Weight: 112 grams.