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Roman Coin & Pearl Earrings



This pair of dangling earrings each feature an ancient Imperial Roman bronze coin, dating to between 1st - 4th century AD, and found in Yugoslavia. We've had them hand set into Sterling Silver for us in Indonesia.

Back in our workshop I've then added a dangling pair of tear dropped white baroque freshwater pearls with tiny silver beads. Remembering that pearls were highly valued in ancient times and right on up to the 20th century when mass production began. So these are modern but it's the feel or romance I'm after.

I've used a small Australian made 8 mm Sterling Silver sleeper instead of an earwire as it adds a clean simplicity combined with extra security. Being a sleeper they are designed to move smoothly through your piercing without any part catching, the hinge and catch are invisible. You can get us to swap it to an earwire for you or if you like them you can remove your own wires and move these from pair to pair as needed, they are really easy and comfortable to wear. I would suggest you get someone to measure the distance from your piercing to the edge of your lobe, you have 8 mm to work with, larger 12 mm sleepers may be available soon too.

Avoid polishing the coin (you'll only remove its age) but you can carefully use a dry Silver Polishing Cloth to bring up the highlights on the silver. Don't use liquids or cream polishes.
And wrap them seperately in a cloth or tissue as bothe the silver and the bronze could damage or mark the pearl if they rub against each other....and no alcohol/perfume on pearls !

Age: 1st - 4th Century AD, silver contemporary.

Size: H 49 mm x W 17mm (body without sleeper is 41 mm)

Weight: 8 grams