AUD $88.00

Turkish Sterling & Brass Ring

A sterling silver ring set with a round "ruby" (most likely glass or possibly Indian Ruby) embellished with a fringe of brass highlights contrasting warmly with the darker oxidized silver recesses. (When you eventually get round to polishing it use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" to put a shine back on the highpoints letting these recesses get darker and darker.)

This ring and the coloured "stone" seems to continue a tradition and is very similar to many older Tribal ones we have had from Iran, Afghanistan and the Caucasus. The difference is only one of age and that this is made in Sterling Silver, rather than Tribal Silver.

The flat stone with bevelled/faceted edges has a diameter of 15 mm and is surrounded by a fringe of small brass "diagonals" which are then echoed by a row of sterling ones, surrounding a stylized leaf motif.

Age: Contemporary

Size: U (US 10.25)

Weight: 14 grams