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Uzbek "Gilt" Silver Earrings.

Gilt silver “Bukharan style” earrings probably made by Uzbek or Kazak Silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan. (I could be wrong these may actually be from Uzbekistan.)
With dangling small round glass beads featuring "evil eyes', these are quite good, contemporary interpretations of old Islamic glass beads.

The gilt has a convincingly rich, warm 22 ct glow to it, over almost "sterling silver" stamped/embossed  Kazak "false granulation" and scrolls separatng the coloured enamel areas. (This pair may be modern "cold enamel" and therefore of recent manufacture, however others we have are actually real enamel and therefore probably older.)

Whilst not all the stones are real, and this oval cabachon turquoise maybe, I consider these to be very wearable contemporary Tribal Costume Jewellery.

Perfect for sophisticated Belly Dancers, light with fine, colourful detail but not too long for general wear.
The hook for the ear, is of a “"largish" easily worn size of about 1 mm.

Age: 21st Century 

Size: H 117 mm x W 29 mm.

Weight: 21 grams