AUD $130.00

Crinoid Fossil Silver Pendant.


This subtly coloured, wide tear drop pendant features a smooth cabachon (domed) Crinoid Fossil.

In appearance "Crinoid Fossil" is not unlike a opaque black but scattered with fine pale oval lines, each defining the fossilized skeleton of a "Sea Lily". Occasional ones of these skeletons may have a pink or red tone, however this one has more of a beige ghost within the outline (or partial outline)

 Framed in a thin Sterling Silver edge, with an open back and supported by a narrow silver suspension ring. This ring has a  4 mm opening that would accommodate a chain, cord or smaller choker.

I'm not sure of the stones origins (possibly Chinese, but we actually chose it in Indonesia) then the silver work was done for us there in Indonesia.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 54 mm (stone only, add 9 mm to allow for ring) x W 30 mm x D 4 mm.

Weight: 13 grams