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Daghestani, Nielloed Silver Ring

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Here's an interesting "nielloed" silver ring from the Caucasus, on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. The smooth silver faces have been masked then oxidized creating a sinuous foliage design, of contrasting dark and shiny silver. A deeply engraved and sculpted band with possible "rams' heads" and a heavily sculpted bezel. 

This is faux "niello" not the engraved technique where the carved/recessed background is fiilled with a dark alloy. Although it takes a close look and a finger nail to pick the difference (!) genuine old "niello" usually has tiny bits missing where your nail catches.

Also this ring is in fairly good condition, with some very minor wear at the back. 

I used to think these were from Bukhara, and they may be, but "nielloed" designs like these may have travelled further around the Caspian from Daghestan then across Iran and Afghanistan all the way to us. 

It has a good contrast and shouldn't need a polish for ages, but if you decide to then carefully use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" on it, to bring up the silver. Avoid rubbing the light Gilt highlights, as you  will eventually rub them off.

By the way the background to these images is a design by William Morris.


Age: Late 20th/ Early 21st Century.

Size: For a finger about size "Q.5" (US 8.5)

Weight: 24 grams.