AUD $420.00

Ethiopian Processional Cross


An intricately cut out brass alloy Coptic Christian Cross.
Cut from a sheet of metal, the design first scribed, then holes are drilled and sawn into shape and filed.
Fitted to a long conical tube to house a long wooden shaft, allowing it to be held in Ceremony or carried in Procession.
This cone has a 33 mm diameter, while an oval hole to house the shaft tapers from about 24 mm x 18mm.

Can easily and elegantly be displayed upright from a secure base, using a wooden dowel.
The surface has a weathered slightly brassy/silverish patina with many dark scratches, and would only neeed a rub with a dry cloth ocassionally to bring it up a bit.

How often have I heard the public muttering about these crosses being Celtic, (the similarities are obvious, but I think all cultures who worked with thonging and basketry, could have come up with these solutions.)
Often designs are transposed from earlier techniques, like basketry designs used in turn painted or imprinted on pottery, before they had metallurgy, then inherited again in the newer medium. In Europe for example, wooden beams were copied in stone when newer materials were used.
A continuity of earlier traditions and styles, the Tibetan “endless knot” being another example.

If you were desperate you may try polishing it but at present it has acquired a mellow almost brassy patina, that suits it beautifully.


Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: L 240 mm x W 83 mmm

Weight: 298 grams.