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Green Quartz Sterling Pendant

Sorry, this amazing pendant is no longer available.
A very large, boldly hand "faceted" wonky hexagonal Green Quartz has been set into a Sterling Silver Pendant. (When he cut this stone he added a small facet that has created a charming assymetry, that I always find more pleasing than total symmetry.) The stone is very deep producing a deeply coloured, translucent, olive Green Quartz which might easily be mistaken for Citrine (which is basically Yellow Quartz anyway) but is slightly greener.

The handmade plain looking Sterling Pendant has a combination cut out areas defining foliage and "spirals" and a very plain bezel/edge surrounding the stone.

It has a pretty large (9 mm) plain silver suspension ring which would pretty well accomodate almost any cord, chain or choker you might want to use. It's an inverted "tear drop" so it has a rounded top which even suits a hollow rounded choker. 

The colour of the Quartz, which plays with the light alternating between olive and slightly lemon olive as you breath, allows you to match it to both greens, lemons and many neutral browns.)

An occasional careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the contrast of the raised and lowered surfaces without removing too much oxide. Avoid dips and creams.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 59 mm  x  W 30 mm x D 18 mm (stone  38 mm x 28  mm)

Weight: 47 grams