AUD $480.00

Indian, Bronze Peacock Pipe.

A rather simple, old lost wax cast “cire perdue” bronze Peacock Opium Pipe from India.
It has a Peacock supporting the flaring bowl, the front standing on a pair of small legs that actually support it.
The Peacock's tail is implied by the stem which is engraved in places with feathers and bands of cross hatching. The main stem is plain and octagonal in profile ending in a decorative mouth piece.

This design is cleverly thought through with decorations which are actually functional grips adding stability when the pipe was used.
And those little legs to stop the pipe falling when put down are a treat.

 The bronze has a very dark, deeply shiny patina. You can buff it a little with a dry cloth but don’t do much as you actually could remove some of it’s age and value if you get carried away.

I know it’s Indian, North Indian I assume, but other than that I’m not sure. And I think it may have been cast in two pieces then joined.

Age: 18th or 19th Century.

Size: L 230 mm x H 68 mm x W 46 mm.

Weight: 284 grams.