AUD $600.00

Pashtun Silver Mesh Anklet

 This flexible silver mesh Pashtun anklet from India or Pakistan has rows of "klimt-ian" stamped flowers and discs alternating with rows of slightly decorated "8" links, it's like a truncated cone with a smaller circumference at the top, flaring out to fit the widening heel.

The securely sliding double pin and lock are decorated with hand twisted rings which link the 12 small spherical bells. (These bells are traditionally worn both to draw attention to the wearer and by their sound to scare away "evil" and of course snakes. I remember an old black and white Indian movie where she was singing that "you'll hear my anklets jingling as I come to you by the river" as she danced along the river bank, jingling her anklets !)

It's made of Tribal Coin Silver and has aquired a smooth gently grey patina with a warm shine to it. A light rub with a dry cloth will increase this shine without removing too much of the patina.

You can of course decide to give it a gentle polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but don't be rough or be tempted to use a dip. An occasional rub will bring up  the high points as high lights and the recesses will get darker and darker, the contrast will become amazing over time.

You've probably noticed we have a pair of these but we've decided to sell them seperately to make it easier for you. (They are so close to identical I've had a battle differentiating between them.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: L 308 mm (inner edge 218 mm, outer edge 308 mm) x W 62 mm including bells (37 mm excluding bells)

Weight: 149 grams