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Indus Valley "bull" Statue


A charming little ”earthenware” Brahman Bull from the Indus Valley Civilization. Boldly decorated with freely applied bands and hatching of matte Black.
His face is very cute with bespectacled conical eyes and horns decorated with repeated bands not unlike that done by contemporary Hindu farmers.
It is believed that this Civilization was destroyed when the water supplies were removed, for the rivers upon which it was built changed course and moved away.
This and Aryan invasions are thought to have lead to it’s disintegration and ultimate absorbtion into what would eventually become Hinduism.
These ”bulls” are usually termed ”toys” (his hump is gently pinched, as though to allow easy holding during play) but as mystery still envelops the Indus Valley Civilization, they may also have had religious purposes (either as votive offerings or worshipped on domestic shrines.) This devotion to the Bull, may in turn have been carried over into Hinduism, as it developed, then travelled on into the rest of India.

Whilst in fairly good condition, considering it's 3500 year old, this bull has been broken diagonally through the head, removing the chin and one leg, a second break which is harder to trace surrounds the corresponding horn. The breaks appears to have been glued back together (visible by leg in last image) and covered with a "grout" of gritty mud, partially obscuring one side of the head (the painted details are still just discernable beneath it.)

Age: Circa 1,500 BC.

Size: L 123 mm x H 100 mm x W 66 mm.

Weight:250 grams.