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Indus Valley "Goddess" Statuette

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A charming little ”earthenware” female statuette from the Indus Valley Civilization. Her face is very plain, but expressive, with a pinched nose, gauged eyes, gently sliced mouth and a slightly impressed hairline (with long plaits framing her face.) It maybe a headdress draped over her hair.

Whether she is a doll or a Goddess, I'm not sure, however she is very plain and unadorned. Others I have seen have had necklaces and jewellery but as mystery still envelops the Indus Valley Civilization, they may also have had religious purposes (either as votive offerings or worshipped on domestic shrines.) 

It is believed that this Civilization was destroyed when the water supplies were removed, for the rivers upon which it was built changed course and moved away.

Whilst in fairly good condition, considering she's 3500 year old, her hip may have been broken diagonally, I suspect. The break(s) I'm suspicious of the other leg, which appears out of alignment, just slightly and may have been re glued too. If I'm really critical they appear to have been glued back and very skillfully covered with a "grout" of gritty mud, fully obscuring the joins. (If you're planning to display it though I'm sure the casual viewer wouldn't pick up on the repair or even care about it.)

Age: Circa 1,500 BC.

Size: L 86 mm  x W 32 mm x D 14 mm.

Weight: 20 grams.