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Indus Valley "bull" Pot

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A large bulging, wide earthenware bowl, or pot, from the Indus Valley Civilization, which covered a very wide area of what is now Pakistan.
This bowl has linear borders and humped Zebu Bulls in a matte Burnt Umber glaze infilled with delicate matte Grey and Red Ochre filled, "zig zags" walking against a muted Naples Yellow Ochre ground. This covers the top half of the bowl, the lower half which appears uncoloured but has a pale Grey slip which is very worn revealing the buff clay body.

There’s a very simple "cave painting" feel to both the linework and the colours used on this piece.

These recurring bulls obviously played a major part in Indus culture, and their veneration continues down to us through Hinduism.
It is believed that the Indus Valley Civilization was destroyed when the water supplies were removed, when the rivers upon which it was built changed course and moved away.


The skilled wheel throwing has produced a finely turned, large but quite thin bowl, not unlike the fineness of a modern plate or cup.

There are a few minor chips but generally it's in pretty good condition, for it’s age (which is roughly 3,500 years!)
There is however a long fine (unrepaired) hairline crack (see last two images) that starts at the rim and extends down and a quarter of the circumference around the widest part.  Puzzlingly the lower end of this fine crack appears to have been disguised by rubbing mud over it where it just dissappears. This fine crack whilst existing, has not actually seperated therefore doesn't require repair.

But I use both hands beneath it, to support it when lifting, rather than one in the wrong place, and suggest you do the same.

 Age: Circa 1,500 B.C.

Size:D 240 mm x H 150 mm

Weight: 1894 grams.