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Kazak, Gilt Silver and Glass Ring

 Sorry, this ring is no longer available.

Large "tear drop" Kazak silver ring, with raised stamped, false granulation patterning, gilding and central oval “red glass” set behind silver.
Hollow box form, resin filled that sits well on the hand.

Broad plain silver band, stamped Sterling, tapers narrower towards the back.

Finger size is about size  "S.5" - "T" (9.5 - 9.75) as it's not exactly round it could be considered slightly larger than this measurement if your flesh fits into the corners where the band meets the flat backed bezel.  Assuming you have many fingers there should be one nearby that it fits if this size is close to your normal. Think knuckle around size "T" with plump finger bigger after knuckle.....

Very impressive on, especially with the matching earrings. (Search also for KE417 or we may have more if they're gone.)

Note please, that the hole in the back was made by over zealous Pakistani Customs checking to see if each of this delivery contained drugs. Sniffer dogs would be far more efficient  however it gives you something to talk about when your out !

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: L 50 mm x W 38 mm x D 7 mm (depth of the boxy bezel above the finger.)

Weight: 22 grams