AUD $140.00

Old Yomud Turkoman Skullcap

Here we have a charming old  Yomud Turkoman, genuinely very old, embroidered skullcap, with silks in shades of mulberries, mustard/olive and pinks, some black, blues and a hint of yellow.
What's left inside are the remains of quilted layers of subdued, faded very, very worn (very eroded in fact) undyed hand woven cottons which are held in place by the reinforcing threads. 
Women used, under the Soviets, to make extra cash selling these hats and purses they’d made, in the market, for local consumption.
This piece was worn tribally, not just made for tourists, probably in the fifties or even much earlier, (even perhaps the 19th century) consequently some darning and occasional loose threads, are evident.
The edge or head band made from a floral Russian Export print cotton is worn through in places, remembering this I'd suggest that this piece is for the serious collector not for wearing.
We're very lucky that it has survived in this condition, or any condition and not been lost, however the Turkoman are known to prize their old embroideries often recycling cuffs and hems from their coats and using them again on newer outfits.
I can only assume this reverence explains this piece making it down to us.


For the Artist, or Collector, of any gender.


(See book “Uzbek Skullcaps” for other unobtainable examples.)

Size: Diameter is approximately 282mm. (11.5ins.)

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century. (Perhaps Earlier?)

Weight: 92 grams