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Large Peking Glass Bead

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An old rather large, slightly translucent white Peking Glass Bead, which whilst molten has been rolled in crumbs of an orangey red, deep blue and emerald green glass which have fused into the surface.

In so doing they have softened their outlines and appear to float or be painted onto the surface. These areas of colour on this particular bead are clearly defined colour groups seperated by the white, also these areas contain larger blobs on one side reducing in size down to tiny dots on the other. (the greens have skidded and with the dots fading to trails where the colour has been dragged.)

This bead may not be as old as PG105 (it may be) being whiter and less pitted but is in good condition and could easily be worn if you wish.

I would assume it's 19th Century or at least late Ching Dynasty (ie pre 1911) it may be a little younger but not much.

The hole is 5 x 6 mm.

Age: 19th Century

Size: D 35 mm x H 34 mm

Weight: 62 grams