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Bukharan, Enamelled Silver Earrings

Sorry, these gorgeous drops are no longer available. 

A  gracefully long pair of hollow silver Buhkaran earrings (well hooks actually, as the hook is solidly attached to the top hollow, enamelled box.)
But their glory is their stamped diamond and raised silver flower decoration, which is coloured with "lapis" blue, lime and deep green baked enamelling.

Beneath this flower garden dangle three looped chains, with an plain silver bead on each.

They are hollow like some Tekke Turkoman pieces, rather similar to a violin, which adds structural reinforcement to the piece but doesn't drastically increase their weight.)

The coloured body surfaces measure  60 mm ( excluding the hook and the chains.)
The ear hook is not a challenge being about  normal.

I wouldn't polish this piece as silver only improves with age, however, when you decide to do it a careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the details without removing the darker background oxides. Avoid liquid cleaners.

Age: This century possibly late last.

Size: Length  148 mm x W  28 mm.

Weight: 32 grams