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Old Pashtun, Silver and Carnelian Ring.

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A quite worn old Silver and Carnelian Pashtun Ring.

This is one of the “special” old rings, that we occasionally are able to source.

It’s “special” in that it is very worn, with a lot of silver and detail worn off completely.

The oval Carnelian is a mid red brown dome, or “cabachon”, which has received so many scratches and knocks that it now has a matte frosting to most of its surface.

This fairly worn stone, the gentle erosion and mellow smoothing of most of the decorative "floral" engraving on the band, are the romantic elements reflecting the age and previous history of long wear of this ring.


To fit a finger of about Size "S" (US 9.12) not being perfectly round it’s a little difficult to be precise, but that's pretty close.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: “S” (US 9.12)

Weight: 9 grams.