AUD $78.00

Pakistan, Old Glass Neck

A simple very wearable "unisex" neck of earthy tones.
Made in Pakistan from opaque old yellow tubes of recycled "old glass" spaced with tiny complimentary glass and silver beads. (I feel the colours are very similar to old glass from Borneo.)

(It may even be the "recycled" ancient glass bangle shards that it resembles, but I personally feel too many bits of bangle became available on the market in the last decade to be real...unless they found the site that made them and dug up the discarded broken ones. As they've been doing at the Ming Pottery kilns in China. However, both the colours and the style work really well so I suppose it doesn't really matter !)

Worn short, in what I call "one button open" it is an easy wear sitting just on the collar bone.

Remember, don't scrunch or bend it as the wire it's threaded on can kink irrepairably if you do.
(I found I can wrap it three times round my wrist as a bracelet, however it wouldn't survivve long as the glass tubes wouldn't cope with any excess I don't recommend it as a bracelet.)

Age: Contemporary using "recycled" possibly ancient glass.

Size: Length 523 mm x 5 mm (the largest beads in the centre, but most are about 3 mm thick.)

Weight: 8 grams