AUD $130.00

Picasso Jasper Silver Pendant.


This richly coloured wide rectangular/tear drop pendant features a smooth cabachon (domed) Red Creek Jasper.

In appearance Red Creek Picasso Jasper is not unlike a rich Red Creek Jasper but cris crossed with more fine dark lines. Where these lines intersect some areas are filled by clouds of greys, olive greens, mustards with shadows of mustard and reds surrounding them. Compare them yourself they're very similar, if not the same, I think it's to do with degrees of patterning and line. Picasso seems to designate more cubist line work, although I see more Klee in it (!)

Framed in a thin Sterling Silver edge, with an open back and supported by a narrow silver suspension ring. This ring has a  4 mm opening that would accommodate a chain, cord or smaller choker.

I'm not sure of the stones origins (possibly Chinese, but we chose it in Indonesia) then the silver work was done for us there in Indonesia.

By the way, once again I don't think these photos do this beautiful stone justice. 

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 49 mm (stone only, add 10 mm to allow for ring) x W 30 mm x D 4 mm.

Weight: 20 grams