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Roman Bronze Coin Bracelet

  Sorry, this bracelet is no longer available.  We may still have other coin bracelets and rings, maybe in your size.

This tiny, round, dark bronze Imperial Roman coin was found in Eastern Europe, then taken to Indonesia where we have had it handset into a flexible, plain chain Sterling Silver Bracelet for us.

This coin dates from somewhere in the 1st to the 4th Century. I'm not sure which Emperor this is but when I have more time I'll update this entry, (but the half the fun of ownership is the hunt for background info.)

It's set into simple sterling with no decoration. This is hinged between two silver linked ropes, locked with a fob and two rings, allowing you a choice of lengths.

We've deliberately left an opening in the back to partially reveal the reverse of the coin, however you'll struggle to interpret it.(I think it's an arch or gateway.)

The front surface is in old condition with very knocked definition, at certain angles, otherwise a bit obscure or even mysterious. The surface has a dark dull patina, the raised bust being dark but smoother. 

An occasional careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the shine on the silver, when it needs it.

But be careful not to scratch or polish the coin as you would only be removing the patina of age. I'd just rub my thumb over it in wear.

The bracelet will fit a medium to slightly larger wrist of 190 mm or 205 mm depending which ring you use to do it up. Remember with a fob you need room to to do it up.

You may also find Roman Coin Earrings, Pendants and Rings listed in our Modern section as the coin is ancient even though the silver work is contemporary.

Age: Coin circa 1st - 4th Century AD, Silver Contemporary handmade for us in Indonesia.

Size: Coin W 20 mm x H 21 mm. Overall length 190 mm or 205 mm, your choice. 

Weight: 23 grams