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Roman Coin Large Pendant.

Sorry, this old coin pendant is no longer available. However, if you're really lucky we may still have a similar one.

A large ancient Imperial Roman bronze coin, (found in Yugoslavia) hand set into a hinged sterling silver pendant for us in Indonesia.

On the front of this almost "diamond shaped" coin you'll find a standing figure of a Goddess and on the reverse (which we have left open to proove it's not single sided copy) there will be an Emperors' profile, rather worn but still discernable.

This old coin has acquired a deep surface patina over a very long time, so avoid scratching or polishing it as what you rub off will be its age, the silver can be maintained with an occasional light rub with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

But don't use it on the actual coin.

The silver setting has a simple twisted wire edge and a large (5 mm x 8 mm) hinged suspension ring will easily take a cord, chain or medium choker.

We may also have some other Ancient Coin Pendants, Earrings and Rings listed in our Modern Jewellery Section, as the silver work is Contemporary.

Age: 1st - 4th Century AD.

Size: H  48 mm x W 34 mm.

Weight:  29 grams.