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Berber Enamelled Coral Necklace

Sorry this necklace is no longer available.
A Berber necklace (azrar) of enamelled silver and red coral from the Greater Kabyle region of Algeria.  Comprising nine enamelled plates, seven of which are set with old red coral cabachons, the centre having four. From these plaques a mixture of pendants hang some in the shape of stars, others balls and tongues, each with its own coral. 
The rich deep blue, green and yellow enamelling, which is characteristic of Northern Algerian work of the Beni Yenni Berbers from Greater Kabylia, creates a vibrant background to contrast with the heat of the red coral.

It wraps around the lower neck like an Egyptian collar clipping at the back with a hook and eye. When worn it sits superbly encasing the collarbone and lower neck.

If it's a really big occasion, like your wedding, you can wear it on your head dangling at the front as a very exotic fascinator.

A similar but not identical neck (nowhere near as elaborate as ours I'll add) appears in  "Ethnic Jewellery" (The Rene van der Star Collection, page 20.)

Pleas Note: At the moment a coral needs to be repositioned in one of the balls, we have it but haven't inserted it yet. So don't panic if you spot it missing in the photos.



 Age: Late 20th or early 21st Century

Size: L 465 mm x Depth 113 mm

Weight: 332 grams